Hospital curtain track system meets the accepted standard for the overwhelming majority of healthcare facilities nationwide and is ideal for enclosing patient beds, shower area or anywhere personal privacy is required. It provides an easy to install and cost-effective partitioning method in multi-bed hospital wards, which helps to offer some privacy to patients and staff. They can also be used as screening in retail/leisure changing rooms and shower areas.
The white powder coat finish of the track is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.


Key Features:

  • Modular system allowing flexibility of configurations to satisfy individual requirements
  • Rigid and durable curtain track made up of Aluminum extruded alloy
  • Runner run smoothly and quietly
  • Metal components are white powder coated to provide an aesthetic and easy to clean finish
  • Track mounted on the ceiling with the suspender, wall brackets and bridge clamps
  • Heavy work loading capacity runner for the curtain ensure the free and effortless movement in the track
  • 100% polyester fabrics premium quality curtains with netted top to give aesthetic look
  • Water repellant, wrinkle free, antimicrobial and fire retardant treated fabric